6 Startups You Should Work with in 2017

Jan 03, 2017

At Y&R we are always looking out for new and innovative companies. These are just a few that came through our Y&R New York headquarters in 2016 and impressed us. Have a browse and get excited!

1. KIIP. A moments-based coupon (+freebie) sharing platform


Embedded within over 4000 apps you’re already using, brands can activate against consumers at key moments while going about their lives. If you’re doing a Nike fit workout and after your first set, you #feeltriumphant, that’s when KIIP pushes you a freebie for a box of Vitamin Water.

This is a very interesting high impact/ low effort platform.

2. Snaps. Creative chatbot and interactive messaging experiences for brands


200,000 iMessages are sent per second worldwide with a 98% open rate in the US. Direct brand to consumer interaction through responsive chatbots and peer-to-peer experiences through custom brand emojis and iMessage sticker packs.

Snaps works with tons of big global brands like Nike, Unilever, Pepsi, and P&G.

3. Jifiti. Innovative e-commerce gift ordering experience for consumers


All the gift giver needs is the email address or phone number of the recipient. The receiver chooses when and how to get the item. Jifiti takes care of everything else, including shipping and payment processing.

Recently partnered with Oreo and launched an e-commerce site with oreo gift box. Apparently the whole thing was put together in less than 40 days!

4. Instapanel. A platform to modernize focus groups and to surface insights within hours.


Hoping to capture part of the $7B annual focus group market, Instapanel allows brands to ask open-ended questions and receive video responses. Clients receive results in interactive infographic.

5. Thunderclap. The world’s first “crowdspeaking” platform


Thunderclap allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash-mob style. Organizations can craft a message and empower their audience to sign up to have that message shared from their social media accounts all at the same time.

A coordinated social media flashmob. Boasts clients such as Beyonce and Obama. Received Cannes Lions Innovation Lion Award in 2013.

6. Tint. Platform to use social content of any kind on any screen or webpage

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Allows brands to integrate user-generated content from over 15 different channels, into their sites, ad units, digital screens etc. to increase marketing performance.

With a user friendly product and moderator dashboard, this can be used is to display live social tickers on small and big screens, to fill in content gaps on websites, or to repurpose hashtag campaigns to pull in content from hashtags.


Innovation is deeply ingrained in Y&R’s culture. To deliver better, more powerful brand stories, we are always in pursuit of partners who bring value to the table.

SparkPlug is Y&R’s global innovation incubator that offers office space, resources and relationships to interesting companies and idea generators with zero equity fees. Companies can focus on building their game-changing ideas, technology and products and will have access to Y&R's expertise, global network and clients. Additional program benefits may include mentorship, demo days, seminars, client introductions, innovation conferences and investment funding.

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