Campbell’s Chunky – Everyman All-Star League

As the Official Soup Sponsor of the NFL, Chunky and Football go hand in hand. The recent exponential growth of Fantasy Football changed the way fans interact with the game. We decided to turn the tables on the game though, and created a campaign that celebrated the victories of the everyday man. We enlisted six NFL players, Drew Brees, Odell Beckham Jr., Eddie Lacy, Todd Gurley, Eric Ebron, and Kyle Long, to star in spots where the star athletes draft average guys into an All-Star League. This role reversal on the fantasy league celebrated Chunky’s championing audience and offered them a new way to engage with both their favorite players and the brand.

At fans could create an Everyman All-Star player card to be placed on a team, which would enter them in a sweepstakes to win Super Bowl LI tickets, NFL-licensed autographed gear, and more.