With virtual technology, the world is your playground. As part of Dell’s “Future Ready” campaign, we created the Dell Play Through app. The app transformed Austin, Texas into a real-time, data-driven virtual golf course during South By South West. From the steps of the State Capitol building to world famous BBQ, the interactive experience powered by Intel allowed people to play a virtual nine-hole golf course across the downtown area. The app offered a whole new way to see the city, and also acted as a local tour guide via Foursquare, taking the players to landmarks like the Paramount Theatre, Franklin BBQ, and the Driskill Hotel.

The course was designed by Matt Ginella, a travel and golf course expert for the Gold Channel and incorporated angles and clubs based on real-time data like wind speed, and the swing calculated by either swiping a touchscreen or physically swinging your phone. Players could share their scores and challenge their friends on Facebook.