Optum is one of the biggest brands in the healthcare industry, and when they needed to develop a public facing voice, they came to us. Optum’s business uses technology to enable better care at every step of the process. Connecting with pharmacies, physicians, urgent care centers, and hospice care centers; they help put the latest and greatest tools in the hands of our doctors and caregivers. Optum also helps many Fortune 500 companies develop their employee health and wellness programs, as well as provide major hospitals, health plans, and governments with their IT and technical healthcare operations.

The major key to the brands success however, is their unparalleled database of patient data, which can help doctors and hospitals better their patient outcomes. To encapsulate all that Optum does in a simple brand message was no easy feat. This campaign is designed to give the brand a public voice and begin the process of communicating all that Optum does to it's many audiences.