Trends with Tension 2017

Aug 10, 2017

Emerging trends often to have two oppositional sides - a paradox or contradiction at the heart of what makes these social movements so compelling. 

Our planners at Y&R have created a roundup of today’s most interesting trends and their inherent tension. By tapping into these unique insights, brands can set themselves apart and redefine category expectations. 

The 'Trends with Tension' report takes on an array of topics from privacy and wellness to gender fluidity and the increasing role of robots and smart technologies in our day to day lives. 

For example, "War for Wellness" unconvers how wellness is also no longer one size fits all. Consumers have adopted highly strategic, yet conflicting approaches to ultimate health. While some consumers seek natural purity, others want engineered efficiency.

View our latest findings on 'Trends with Tension' below.