Y&R’s Future Sparks Winners Visit New York

Dec 05, 2016

Future Sparks is Y&R Asia’s annual competition to encourage their best and brightest twenty-somethings to share ideas that will revolutionize the industry they’ll one day lead.

Winners venture to New York to pitch their ideas to Global CEO, David Sable, and others from the New York office, and experience life in the Big Apple.

This year’s theme was Spark The Platform – allowing participants to choose a Platform like VICE, WeChat, Twitter or Snapchat and solve a business problem for an existing client. There were a record 84 entries, but only 3 made it to the final round.

Meet The Winners:

Issel Jayme — Y&R Philippines
Client: Palmolive Naturals

Issel was directly affected by violence and harassment against women – her idea involves a social app that offers an interactive solution to make women feel both beautiful and strong.

Palmolive Naturals is a leading women’s shampoo brand in the Philippines.

When asked about her trip to Y&R’s New York office, Issel said, “Hard work can pay off in a number of ways, but none quite like this experience. I have witnessed how a great agency works: the truly talented people behind them, the space they grow in, and the inspiring output they deliver.”

Cassie Ng – Y&R Malaysia
Client: Sun Life Financial

In a world where only 1/5 of millennials consider getting insured, Cassie's idea leverages data to change the way insurance works and help millennials gain trust in the industry.

Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization, providing a diverse range of protection and wealth accumulation products and services to individuals and corporate customers.

Cassie had three highlights from her trip to New York, saying, “While the digital world has evolved, its implications have not. I've also had the opportunity to see RFPs from a whole new perspective. Last, but not least, digging into the art of the creative sell with one of the brains behind the Left Wing, Right Wing campaign.”

Jenna Jin – Y&R Shanghai
Client: TaoBao

Jenna pitched an idea that leverages tourists to enable ecommerce in rural areas.

Tao Bao is one of China’s leading ecommerce sites, owned by AliBaba. They generated $17.8B during the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday.

Jenna has three pieces of advice she’ll be bringing back to Shanghai - follow digital trends, hunt and impress and always believe in your ideas.